Parts of Your Home that You Should Always Clean

Regardless of how well you clean your home, there will still be germs around the house. People, pets, and other things tend to attract germs into your home. There some areas in your home that are packed with germs, such as knob and switches. There are also other parts that are not as obvious as those but it’s where bacteria thrive. 

If you want to make sure that there are absolutely no germs in your home, better clean these six most likely places where germs hide. If you need help in making sure of that, be sure to hire the Santa Rosa cleaning services 

  1. Coffee Maker 

You might flip upon knowing that your coffee maker is among the dirtiest home appliances you own. You may not like to get a caffeine shot after this, but with regular cleaning, you will be okay. Studies show that coffee makers are germ-ridden after microbiologists tested the coffee grounds and water reservoir.  The found out that all types of bacteria are present, such as bacillus cereus, staphylococcus, e-coli, and streptococcus are found. 

  1. Toothbrush holder

If you keep the toothbrush holder near the toilet, relocate it. There might be particles spraying in the air and onto the toothbrush every time push the flush button. That means you’re using a toothbrush that’s infested with germs and unknown particles. A recent study shows that toothbrush holders are among the favorite breeding grounds of yeast and mold. They may also contain staphylococcus and coliform. 

  1. Towel 

How often are the towels washed in your home? Experts say that you should wash towels every couple of days. Surveys show that people use their towels at least five times before getting them washed, and that’s not advisable. There are a lot of e-coli in your towel if you keep on reusing it. So, try washing it as frequently as you can. 

  1. Kitchen sink

Of all the parts of your home, the kitchen sink is the second dirtiest. About 45% of all household kitchen sinks had coliform bacteria in it, and around 27% had spores. To address this problem, be sure to disinfect your sink once to twice a week. 

  1. Faucets

Aside from the kitchen sink, you must take care of the faucet handles too. That means kitchen and bathroom faucet handles. When you clean the toilet, be sure to put special attention on the faucets. People tend to touch the faucet with dirty hands, which is why it’s germ-infested. About 27% of faucets have staphylococcus and 9% shows traces of coliform bacteria. Public toilets aren’t the only ones that you should be wary of because your own bathroom may be dirty. 

  1. Pet bowls

When microbiologists tested some household items, they learned that your pet’s bowl is among the ones with the most germs. Their numbers are just like sponges, which are otherwise known as bacteria collectors. The study shows that about 67% of dog bowls had Salmonella in it, even though it’s cleaned regularly. Traces of E-coli are also found. 



Guidelines for Safe Outdoor Lighting

Almost all of us have some outdoor lighting at home which we own and control such as security lights or porch lights, for instance. Some people want to add lighting outside their homes as part of their decorations for certain holidays. We all want to be safe at all times and keep our home, pets, guests, friends and most importantly, our family safe as well. That simply means, we want our controls, power cords, lights and anything associated with the lightings outside the house to be done by the professional and highly skilled electricians.

There is one thing that is not true about electrical connections and lighting in general however, most people believe that a temporary setup of lightings can be performed by ordinary ones who have no experience and knowledge about it. And that is a very dangerous act or belief. Since they are just temporary installations such as power connections and lightings, it can be much more dangerous. This is why it’s still best that you hire professional electricians.

Install Outdoor-Rated Accessories

If you are installing an outdoor lighting fixture, it should be built and designed to be just there. For two quick cases, a light that is under the garage roof and never gets moist requires to be classed for damp areas since it will still get wet, hot and cold, and it requires to withstand those kinds of conditions. A wall fixture which goes next to the doorstep but does not have a roof needs a greater rating-weather resistant, suitable for wet locations and weatherproof are some of the ratings.

Use Outdoor-Rated Lights

In a fixture that is exposed outside such as the outdoor flood light, some of the people must think of it. However, it will only last just like the ones that are used indoors such as your porch light. If you are having some trouble looking for a high-quality bulb that is suited for outdoor use, see for the fine prints on some bulbs. If it can withstand the heat of the oven or the freezing temperature of your freezer, it can definitely survive outside your house.

Do Not Overlamp a Fixture

Some fixtures, outdoor or indoor, will have a label or sticker for the maximum wattage a bulb can only give. Always be aware of the label because it keeps you out of danger by preventing you to use it on a different socket. For instance, placing a light bulb with 100 watts to a socket that can only hold 60 watts can be very risky that may put the lives of everybody in great danger.

Use Extension Cords with Outdoor-Rated

Indoor-rated extension cords are only designed for indoor use. As a matter of fact, they are often flexible and light so they are easy to get out of your way. And they are actually made to withstand a bit of moisture. However, purchase outdoor-rated extension cords if you plan it to use for your temporary lighting outside your home. These are just a few reminders and you must follow these simple tips to avoid putting you, your family, as well as your property in jeopardy.


Choosing the Best Entertainment for Your Office Christmas Party

It’s that time of the year where 11 months are gone in 2018. This time, stores have already started bringing out their decorations for Christmas so it is time to begin thinking about your office or family Christmas party. If you do not celebrate Christmas, we will still perform at your parties and festivities. And, if you simply want to have a fun way on how to spice up parties during the winter, we will do that for you too. 

We all know that no one likes to think about Christmas this early yet. However, planning Christmas parties is so much fun than buying presents at the mall. So, it’s time to forget about your old secret Santa tradition in the office and then get all your colleagues to pitch in for you to have the most ideal Christmas party. If someone tells you that they do not like the music of Mariachi, simply tell them to keep any of their unenjoyable rears at home as the rest of your colleagues will definitely enjoy the night. Or, you can also tell them to still come to the party and they will surely leave becoming a fan of mariachi. 

The Christmas season is definitely a good opportunity to spend more time with friends and family. It is the season of being thankful for all the things that we have and giving it back. As a matter of fact, most of us get several days or weeks off for New Year’s or Christmas to stuff ourselves with ham, turkey and eggnog. This is why it’s best that you bring a little bit of excitement to the festivities and hire a professional and reputable Mariachi band like the Mariachis En Los Angeles. 

Office parties can surely be boring and drab when it is just everyone in a restaurant or office talking in suits and drinking punch. This is why it’s best that you do something more different and exciting this year and you can be able to do that by hiring a professional and highly entertaining mariachi band. It won’t only keep everyone inclined to dance the entire time at the party, but the performers will surely be social and friendly, keeping all the people involved in the Christmas festivities. Whether you are holding your Christmas party in a conference room, office, pagoda, park, restaurant, or any other type of venue for entertainment, the mariachi performers will surely liven up and make the party even more memorable.  

Among the traditional mariachi songs of performs, they also have lots of seasonal set lists that everyone in the party will definitely enjoy. Aside from that, most mariachi bands can be able to play a lot of American standard songs with a fun and unique mariachi twist. Thus, everyone can surely sing along to the renditions of the mariachi performers. 

This winter, you can now be able to get a great taste of Mexican holidays and hire a professional and highly entertaining mariachi band for a Christmas party that the office will surely be talking about for many years. So, make sure that you book for your event early in order to really get the date that you and your colleagues like. You will surely be impressed by how the mariachi performs bring excitement to the party. 



The Importance of Wearing the Perfect Suit 

The way we present ourselves helps to show the world that we are in control. The way we dress can be beneficial to us, as it can sow trust and respect without you ever saying a word. That is why wearing a made for you dress or suit can bring on a lot of benefits to you. Custom suits columbus is one that could help you with your clothing needs.  

Perfect Suit

One thing that you need with custom made suits is that you will need to have a great tailor who not only know what he is doing but also knows how to deliver the results for the best fit. If you get a random tailor things could end up a little frayed sometimes and you definitely don’t want that.   

You’re still not convinced to get a custom suit made just for you here are some reasons why you should get one immediately.   

  • You get better fit.  

This is the obvious when you get a custom made suit you’ll get a better fit for your body type. No more, awkward fit, no more too loose or too tight clothes. Wearing the right fit for you will make you feel comfortable doing your business. You’ll be able to show the world of the best version of you while wearing fabulous suits.  

  • You get quality materials.  

There is nothing wrong buying ready made suits. If it works for you, but sometimes you opt to buy the cheaper ones just because of it. Cheap suits can mean cheap materials and that could be a horrible investment down the drain. Cheap materials will not last as long compared to high quality materials. With just a few washing this cheap low quality materials can show wear and tear.   

  • You highlight your personal style. 

You get a say on the most of the suit that will most likely work for you and your personality. You get to pick the color, the collar design, the pocket shape or the cuff shape and even the stripes or other features to it. You can play it on whatever vibe you want to project to the world. You can also look not just fashionable but also confident and comfortable.   

  • You waste less time and effort. 

Since custom made suit is custom made this means that unlike looking for ready- made suit the process will be more straight forward. You get fitted, you talk about your preferences and then you wait for it to be finished and you have yourself a suit.

Getting your custom made suit is the best way for you to show the world or whoever boss or business associates you need to talk to that you are in control. It shows that you are ready for any challenges that may come along and you are sure that you are able to best the challenge. There is so much that goes in the way you dress and the way the world will perceive you and if you want to look your best all the time custom made is one way to go. 


Road Trip Games: You will Love

Who doesn’t want to just pack up and ride your car nowhere. Just a journey without an exact destination. That is a great way to relax and come down from the everyday grind of the world. Do you know what another thing is great when going on a road trip? Friends and family. Sometimes though not everyone can fit in the minivan or if all of you does, it will be a little bit too cramped to enjoy. Good thing there are rentals out there like a Denver limo party bus or other type of vehicle that have enough room for all of you to move around.

Going on a road trip is a fun experience for just about anyone. It is something that everybody once in a while dreamed of doing or do. There are so many things you can enjoy when you are on a road trip. Moreover, here are some game that you will love to do during a road trip.

Game 1: Paranoia Game

This one is something that is fun to do. All you need to have is a coin which you can flip. Player will start and will choose which side they’ll start. Player 1 will whisper a question to player 2’s ear. Player 2 will answer and then will flip the coin. Depending on the agreement it could go to one of few thing heads player 2 will say the question ask out loud. Tails player 2 will continue without explanation of the answer. It will be more fun if the questions are related to the players in the circle.

Game 2: Did you hear that Game

Basically, you all just have to fool each other into believing if they say that didn’t happen they get the point; however, if they say tell me more you get two point. Whoever, gets the most point by the end of the trip wins.

Game 3: Singing Game

It starts with player one singing a song, they don’t have to finish it till the end the next player will have to connect the last lyric to the next song. This goes on until somebody messes up.

Game 4: The Association Game

Someone will start with a word the next person will have to say a word that is associated with the former word. The games goes on until a person messes up or say something out of the context. For example, spoon- fork -plate – food….

Game 5: Alphabetical Categories Game

Everybody will have to think of a category example a food, car brands, music. Then you will start with the letter A working towards Z.

This games are no win or lose, it’s only a fun feel good game to play with everybody. You can pass the time while on the road. You can be as creative and as wacky as you want. There is no stopping any one really. You can make it as clean or as mature too, however you want it.