Road Trip Games: You will Love

Who doesn’t want to just pack up and ride your car nowhere. Just a journey without an exact destination. That is a great way to relax and come down from the everyday grind of the world. Do you know what another thing is great when going on a road trip? Friends and family. Sometimes though not everyone can fit in the minivan or if all of you does, it will be a little bit too cramped to enjoy. Good thing there are rentals out there like a Denver limo party bus or other type of vehicle that have enough room for all of you to move around.

Going on a road trip is a fun experience for just about anyone. It is something that everybody once in a while dreamed of doing or do. There are so many things you can enjoy when you are on a road trip. Moreover, here are some game that you will love to do during a road trip.

Game 1: Paranoia Game

This one is something that is fun to do. All you need to have is a coin which you can flip. Player will start and will choose which side they’ll start. Player 1 will whisper a question to player 2’s ear. Player 2 will answer and then will flip the coin. Depending on the agreement it could go to one of few thing heads player 2 will say the question ask out loud. Tails player 2 will continue without explanation of the answer. It will be more fun if the questions are related to the players in the circle.

Game 2: Did you hear that Game

Basically, you all just have to fool each other into believing if they say that didn’t happen they get the point; however, if they say tell me more you get two point. Whoever, gets the most point by the end of the trip wins.

Game 3: Singing Game

It starts with player one singing a song, they don’t have to finish it till the end the next player will have to connect the last lyric to the next song. This goes on until somebody messes up.

Game 4: The Association Game

Someone will start with a word the next person will have to say a word that is associated with the former word. The games goes on until a person messes up or say something out of the context. For example, spoon- fork -plate – food….

Game 5: Alphabetical Categories Game

Everybody will have to think of a category example a food, car brands, music. Then you will start with the letter A working towards Z.

This games are no win or lose, it’s only a fun feel good game to play with everybody. You can pass the time while on the road. You can be as creative and as wacky as you want. There is no stopping any one really. You can make it as clean or as mature too, however you want it.