Guidelines for Safe Outdoor Lighting

Almost all of us have some outdoor lighting at home which we own and control such as security lights or porch lights, for instance. Some people want to add lighting outside their homes as part of their decorations for certain holidays. We all want to be safe at all times and keep our home, pets, guests, friends and most importantly, our family safe as well. That simply means, we want our controls, power cords, lights and anything associated with the lightings outside the house to be done by the professional and highly skilled electricians.

There is one thing that is not true about electrical connections and lighting in general however, most people believe that a temporary setup of lightings can be performed by ordinary ones who have no experience and knowledge about it. And that is a very dangerous act or belief. Since they are just temporary installations such as power connections and lightings, it can be much more dangerous. This is why it’s still best that you hire professional electricians.

Install Outdoor-Rated Accessories

If you are installing an outdoor lighting fixture, it should be built and designed to be just there. For two quick cases, a light that is under the garage roof and never gets moist requires to be classed for damp areas since it will still get wet, hot and cold, and it requires to withstand those kinds of conditions. A wall fixture which goes next to the doorstep but does not have a roof needs a greater rating-weather resistant, suitable for wet locations and weatherproof are some of the ratings.

Use Outdoor-Rated Lights

In a fixture that is exposed outside such as the outdoor flood light, some of the people must think of it. However, it will only last just like the ones that are used indoors such as your porch light. If you are having some trouble looking for a high-quality bulb that is suited for outdoor use, see for the fine prints on some bulbs. If it can withstand the heat of the oven or the freezing temperature of your freezer, it can definitely survive outside your house.

Do Not Overlamp a Fixture

Some fixtures, outdoor or indoor, will have a label or sticker for the maximum wattage a bulb can only give. Always be aware of the label because it keeps you out of danger by preventing you to use it on a different socket. For instance, placing a light bulb with 100 watts to a socket that can only hold 60 watts can be very risky that may put the lives of everybody in great danger.

Use Extension Cords with Outdoor-Rated

Indoor-rated extension cords are only designed for indoor use. As a matter of fact, they are often flexible and light so they are easy to get out of your way. And they are actually made to withstand a bit of moisture. However, purchase outdoor-rated extension cords if you plan it to use for your temporary lighting outside your home. These are just a few reminders and you must follow these simple tips to avoid putting you, your family, as well as your property in jeopardy.